100% environmental friendly

Micanti Antifouling is the only truly environmental friendly antifouling in the world! Micanti doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. Micanti is a nylon fiber, polyester film and a two-component water based adhesive.

Emission Savings

No VOC exhaust during application which means a 100% reduction compared to conventional antifoulings.


Micanti has been approved by Lloyds to be used for the ECO-notation for ships and is on the Dutch environmental products list.

Application of antifouling film is clean

Application of Micanti Antifouling at a shipyard, offers following advantages:

  • Maintenance during docking can continue during application of the film
  • Masks and other precautions are not needed for the co-workers
  • No chemical waste on the yard: only backing paper
  • No VOC exhaust during the application

Uniform application standards worldwide

Micanti Antifouling is applied by professional applicators worldwide

  • Trained and qualified staff across national borders
  • Supervised by Micanti Netherlands

Curious how much you can save on your fouling costs?

Our team is happy to tell you all about it and make a tailor-made calculation.