Continuous protection against marine growth

Micanti has been tested and compared to the most commonly used self polishing antifoulings (SPC). Whereas SPC’s have shown a decrease in performance in time, Micanti performs continuously and provides constant prevention.

Proven Performance

Micanti Antifouling film is a physical barrier against fouling and therefore movement of the vessel is not needed. The idea behind Micanti Antifouling is simple as well as effective: micro fibers create a surface which prevents settlement of organism. Micanti has been tested worldwide for more than 10 years in cooperation with institutions like MARIN, TNO and Delft University of Technology as well as in practice on tugs, offshore vessels and ocean going vessels.


Guaranteed Performance

Micanti Antifouling has a performance of at least 5 years, and more likely lasts for 10 years.

Unlimited Idle Periods

Micanti is easy to clean after long idle periods. Cleaning does not affect the performance of Micanti.

Curious how much you can save on your fouling costs?

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